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Windmill measurement & control software

Windmill has taken over the basic functions that used to be present in the good old paper recorders. Because of that, Windmill is used in many applications as a plain recording instrument but with the aid of a PC. It records measurement values from sensors such as thermocouples, PT-100 and pressure sensors directly on the hard disk of the PC. This enables additional calculation functions to be made on measurement results, display them in trend graphs on the screen, and analyse data with a spread sheet program like EXCEL. Windmill is very flexible since it supports various communication standards including DDE, so that other Windows applications can interact with the Windmill I/O system directly. Additional features include :

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  • Unlimited channel capacity: connect up to several hundreds of signals to a single PC
  • Input and output of many arbitrary combinations of analogue and digital signal types
  • Linking instruments with a RS232 interface, such as weighing devices, analysers, and GPS receivers
  • Universal DDE and Modbus drivers links to equipment from many third party vendors
  • On-line math calculation using standard Windows tools including Excel's Visual Basic for Applications

Application areas

  • Quality control and environmental data logging
  • Product development and engineering ( R&D )
  • Visualisation of continuous processes
  • Automated test systems

Simple intuitive user interface :

Windmill datalogging softwareMaking a working system with Windmill is like a children's play. Just click the hardware driver to use, configure the connected channels once, and off you go. Load the Logger application, specify a data file and sampling speed, press the "Start" button and your instrument runs.
Channel and recording parameters that have been set can always be saved and recalled. Indeed, your recording instrument can restart just by switching on the computer.
Proces mimics with Windmill Live mimic displays can be created with the optional Windmill Graphics add-on module. This program enables you to display bar graphs, analogue meter displays, angle position, and actual numeric values on top of a bitmap background image. In addition, digital outputs, analogue outputs, and DDE commands can be initiated from the press of a button.
The Test Sequence program is another standard add-on module for Windmill which enables output values to be controlled sequentially, or at a specific time. Further the test sequence module can set or change channel parameters such as alarm levels on-line, start and stop the Logger application, using an easy to use text based scripting language.
Get the demo version : Windmilldemo.exe