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Transient recorders and modular data acquisition systems

MICROLINK 3000 system MICROLINK 3000
Modular data acuisition system in 19-inch enclosures
  • Expandable to hundreds of inputs and outputs
  • 12-bits or 16-bits A-D converter
  • digital inputs, digital outputs, impulse and frequency counting
  • With IEEE-488, RS-232, or USB interface
MICROLINK 4000 system MICROLINK 4000 : Modular transient recorder
  • Differential inputs with programmable input range
  • Simultaneous sampling and synthesizer output
  • Memory depth up to 2 Msamples per channel
  • A-D resolution 12-bits, 1 MHz
  • Extern triggering, Multi-trigger, comparator triggering

Telemetrics / Remote monitoring

ndacs interior The NDACS systems are suitable for data logging, alarm messaging, and remote process monitoring via Internet / Intranet. These device use TCP/IP communications, so that they can be installed anywhere and operated through a network or dial-up line. When using the Ethernet port it can be attached permanently. Alternatively, the RS232 port is used in conjuction with a (GSM) modem when dial-up connection is required.
Up to 16 analogue channels or 8 conditioned sensor inputs per unit can be logged and processed. Transducers with a resistance bridge and thermocouples can be connected directly. NDACS systems can also be used with OPC driver software and most SCADA software packages. The devices operate using an embedded Linux operating system which enables easy customisation.
Data acquisition and alarm messaging over the Internet

The NDACS is especially usefull for location independant monitoring, alarm messaging, and monitoring of remote process installations.

ndacs6000.pdf (653 kB) NDACS datasheet