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EURIAS supplies signal conditioning and instrumentation products and systems since 1991. Apart from standard products we design electronics and networked systems for the "conditioning, recording and processing of physical signals.". That includes measurement of parameters like temperature, humidity, pressure, force, strain, position, acceleration, (rotation) speed, voltage, current, power, light intensity, level, pH, TOC, and other concentrations in water and air. The sampling speed with which the data acquisition systems measure these signals varies from about once per hour up to a million per second.
The equipment and software are utilised in industry for quality assurance, analysis, in (mobile) test rigs, and in (experimental) research projects.
The typical applications areas include:

Presentation at 'Het Instrument 1996'

Presentation at the exhibition
'Het Instrument', 1996

  1. Environmental technology : Climate- and condition monitoring inside buildings, outside, and in simulated environments such as test chambers, wind tunnels, wave tanks, and shakers.
  2. Transportation : Test systems for trains, vessels, cars, and vehicle components.
  3. Energy conversion : Test systems for generators, boilers, solar panels, windmills, turbines and pumps.
  4. Production facilities : Systems for quality assurance and performance testing.
  5. Process monitoring : recording chemical and emission statistics, and pollution parameters.
  6. Materials : Life / fatigue endurance testing and stress analysis.

For these application areas we offer standard and custom made equipment such as: