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Eurias distributes and designs instrumentation systems and test equipment.

Data acquistion Our program consists of signal conditioning and data acquisition equipment, electronics for instrumentation, systems for testing, and (remote) process monitoring. Standard products in our program are :
  • Dataloggers
  • Data acquisition systems
  • Wireless monitoring and remote control
  • Signal conditioning electronics
  • Analogue instumention filters
  • Test instruments and systems
LoRa solutions
Further we also develop custom hardware and software, and offer related services like calibrations, and equipment rental.


telFor further information you can reach us by telephone at: +31.40.2128359 , or video conference: whereby.com/eurias

Agilent (Keysight) 34970A
Product categories


Battery powered dataloggers with PC programming interface. One- and two channel loggers which record temperature and relative humidity, impulse frequency, voltage and current signals.

Data acquisition systems

Devices with USB interface for datalogging and trend display, with optional conditioning for thermocouples, strain gauges, bridge transducers, and 20 mA process signals.

Electronic analogue signal filters

Active types with fixed or adjustable cutoff frequency up to 1 MHz. And passives for > 1MHz.

Endurance and performance testing

Custom software to control test rigs, data analysis, and alarm messaging. References and application examples.

Wireless instrumentation

Wireless sensor systems, dataloggers, and hosted supervisory and data acquisition systems. Interfaces for measuring indoor climate (T/RH/CO2), contacts, impulses, and analogue signals.

Transient recorders and modular systems

Multi-channel data acquisition systems with sensor conditioning for strain gauges, accelerometers and pressure transducers.


Design and development of tailor made electronics.