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These instruments are applied in different branches including:

  • Food, supermarkets, catering
  • Agriculture, environmental monitoring
  • Production, transport and distribution
  • Building management and HVAC
  • Medical / pharmaceutical
The most popular products are listed below.
The Escort Dataloggers brand comprises one and two channel dataloggers. Different models can monitor temperature in the range from -100C to +150C utilising NTC thermistors, with or without relative humidity, and special models. Escort Dataloggers was an independant company and now operates under the umbrella of Cryopak.

Escort iMINI data loggers (yellow)

The smallest and cheapest !
  • USB port; no separate cradle required
  • accurate: 0,3 C / 0,5 C
  • version with/without humidity sensor
  • standard 8K sample memory
  • alarm detection with 4 thresholds
  • replacable Lithium battery
iMINI brochure

Escort iMini data loggers (blue)

The iMini (Plus) (with lowercase characters) is available in other versions, including one for ultra-low temperatures downto -100 C. Specifications are summarised in:


Escort iLog data loggers

  • LCD with extensive annunciation
  • 0.1 C / 0.1% R.H. resolution
  • accuracy from 0,3 C
  • Measurement ranges from -100 C / +40 C
  • .... to 0C / +150C
  • Humidity model to 100 % R.H.
  • memory for 32 K samples
  • can be started with a magnet swipe
The Escort iLog can be programmed with the Escort Console Pro software and a universal interface for all iLog and Junior devices.

iLog PDF brochure

Escort Junior data loggers

The Escort Junior range of data loggers is a model family which was the most popular for years. Versions with a humidity sensor (EJ-HS-) and thermistor temperature sensors have been followed up by models in the iLog and iMINI series. Special Junior models are still available, such as the stainless steel models for in-process recordings up to 125 C, a model for type-K thermocouples, and a model suitable for recording analogue signals.

Escort Accessoiries


Alarm Link

An alarm link interface that allows the alarm status in the Junior to control an external device (e.g. siren).


For further details see specification sheet for EA-ALK

Alarm Link interface holder

The Alarm Link Interface Holder is designed to hold the Alarm Link Interface together with a Junior or iLog logger secure in position.


For further details see the information sheet for Alarm Link interface holder


Handheld reader designed to load data from Junior dataloggers in the field, check highest, lowest, average time and battery status and transfer the data to a PC using the Escort Console Pro software.


For further details see specification sheet for EJ-CR

USB - RS232 adapter  

Connect the iMini with RS232 connector to your PC with a simple serial cable.


For further details see specification sheet for the USB to Serial Adapter

Other accessoiries

A range of accessories is available to optimise logger use.
Call for advise.

Escort User guides and Manuals

Escort iMini Quick reference

Escort iMINI User guide

Escort iLog Quick reference

Escort iLog User guide

Escort Console Pro User Manual (pdf file)

Escort Console software

The Escort Console Pro software is for use with the Junior, iLog, Precision, the (blue) iMiniPlus data loggers, and the ChartReader. Description: Escort Console software description.

You can download and install the software as an executable file via:

Escort Console Pro (exe file)

The Escort Console Plus software is suitable for use with the (yellow) iMINI data loggers (MX-models) only.

ConsolePlusSetup.exe (exe file) or ZIPped file.