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This website focusses on standard instrumentation products, but many of our customers have a need for customised systems. We can offer these is several ways, by modifying standard systems for a particular application, or by designing a new system from scratch to a customer supplied specification.
Most items that we have made have some form of signal processing, or digital control function, e.g.
  • sensor signal conditioning
  • signal isolation, filtering and conversion
  • interfaces for impulse signals
measurement amplifier for hot wire anemometer
pulse counter / revs counter Eurias has the experience and tools for the design of custom electronic products, including CAD software for electronics design. The represented manufacturers also have additional facilities, expertise, and resources to design and assemble one-off specials and series up to a several thousand pieces.

Examples of equipment designed and manufactured by us:

  • Measurement amplifier for hot wire anemometers
  • Customised data logger for performance measurements on solar panels
  • Customised data logger for recording forces in a transport chain
  • Modular signal conditioner, adjustable filter, and isolation amplifier
  • Module for measurement of 8 ventilator speeds and rotation direction
  • Display for planning and order control according to the Kanban procedures